Blood Red Sky & Ocean


The end of the journey

where the sea runs red,

the nights grow long,

dark shadows roam free,

and The Dead come to play.









The sky’s crimson reflection

mars the ocean’s blue surface.

As the sun sets for the night,

it hides behind the darkening clouds.

The sky dips into its bag of tricks

to bring forth a yellowed moon.

As the sky becomes inky black,

the water flows blood red.

From the murky depths,

dark creatures rise this night.

Onto our crisp white shores, they walk,

leaving bloody footprints in the sand.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




Take me away from a world without color,
A world where life is dull and grey.
I want to swim through the ocean’s waves,
Where rainbows can frolic and play.

The sun’s rays shimmer off the water,
Leaving trails of gold, yellow, and red.
Beacons of light for me to follow 
To a new land where to lay my head.

I fly through the rolling waves,
Touching down on a spot of land.
I am lifted by arms of fountains 
And laid to rest on the pink sand.

Turtles scurry away from my hand. 
Birds fly around as they have fun.
The waves recede in their farewell dance,
Leaving me alone in the sun. 

Who lives on this small island?
It’s time for me to explore.
A hut of branches in a tree.
I must see if there is more. 

The steps are pretty steep,
I climb and step inside.
The room is small and dark. 
Who knows what it may hide?

I hear footsteps from the room beyond.
They’re coming closer to where I hide.
It’s too late to run for the door,
I must face whoever is inside. 

A man saunters into the room. 
Candles and two places set.
He throws me a big grin
As if I am his prized pet.

We both wait in silence.
He slowly moves toward me.
“I hope you like my surprise.”
I feel as cold as can be. 

I don’t like surprises.
Especially from him.
He keeps me at arms-length,
Not letting me in. 

I lower my eyes
From the fire in his eyes.
They’re consuming me alive,
I am burning from his lies. 

He makes an abrupt movement
And strides across the room.
He kisses me with great passion
Under the blood red moon. 






I take the winding path shaded in red

instead of hiding in my comfy bed.


The road widens and narrows its scope

as it weaves away from any hope.


Blood red threatens the night sky

as laughter follows me high.


Rivers of crimson red coat my tired feet

as I walk the road of shame and defeat.


Why cannot life take the high road?

I ask if I may be so bold.


Ahead I see a bright light

as I rise with all my might.


I run toward the rainbow in my mind

in the colors and hues, I hope to find.




A red glow lights the street,

falling right at our feet.

We pound the pavements in fright,

fleeing the force of the night.

Vibrations hit the ground

from thunder all around.

The street light sways and groans

as we head for our homes.

Who will save us from these creatures

that torment and won’t release us?

I can see the road ahead.

I hope it leads to my bed.

I can’t take another night

of this endless, losing fight.


THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist


colorful gradient 32289


Shades of red fall from the sky,

They hit the ground in puddles of crimson.

Red falls from the darkening sky.

It covers the grass with its bright hue.

My face burns hot from its touch

as blood pumps faster through my heart.

The creatures track my desperate retreat

through the deserted woods.

I will be one with them all too soon.





Burn baby burn.

Your blood runs hot.

Oozing down the stem.

Dripping to the ground.

Leaving mounds of red.

Where buds will spring up.

And take their rightful place.

In the world of the nonliving,

They will fight for him.

The evil one.

The Dead one.