I gaze at the night sky

at the bright lights so high.

Will my wishes come true?

Will I ever see you?


You appear in my dreams each night.

I yearn to have you in my sight.

I haven’t seen you for years.

But you’re always in my tears.


Would we have had a good life,

one without sadness and strife?

I won’t be able to ask you this.

I won’t be rewarded with this bliss.


I must be content with my dreams

as my life crumbles at the seams.

I keep my memories close inside.

Of my love, I have no need to hide.



I’ve been dared to write a poem.

I sit here and I will show em

That I can write about bliss

But it will be hit or miss.

Happiness hasn’t been my friend.

On white wings heaven does not send.

I seek it every day.

A sneak of it I still pray

Will rain down upon me

Before I’m gone to sea.





Take me to heaven.
I am ready.
I am finished.
Time to leave.
This life of strife.
Of sadness.
Of eternal woe.

Let me walk up the stairs.
Hear the sweet music.
And follow the bright light.
Make way for me.
For I am ready.
Ready to leave.
This life for the next.

Take me to heaven.
Where all woes are gone.
Sadness is only but a memory.
Take me through the pearly gates.
I am ready.
For the next stage.

I can hear the music.
I can see the light.
I am climbing the stairs.
No more woe for me.
Only happiness and bliss.



Japanese Gardens – Portland, OR

Watch the water flow.

Down the mountain.

Over the rocks.

Carrying leaves and fish.

To new places.

To new sights.

Watch the fish jump and play.

The sun’s rays reflecting

on the smooth surface.

Listen to the soothing sounds.

The water splashing against

The submerged tree limbs.

How perfect.

How satisfying.

Dip your toes into the cold splendor.

That makes it perfect.


brutalgeneration:</p> <p>IMG_0011 (by Xiaowen Ye)</p> <p>Climb to the top of the rocks.<br /> Look out.<br /> What do you see?<br /> Do you see the beauty all around you?<br /> Do you feel that you have accomplished something?<br /> Yes, you have.<br /> You have reached your goal for the day.<br /> That is enough for today.<br /> Tomorrow is another day and another goal.



Climb to the top of the rocks.

Look out.

What do you see?

Do you see the beauty all around you?

Do you feel that you have accomplished something?

Yes, you have.

You have reached your goal for the day.

That is enough for today.

Tomorrow is another day and another goal.