Take me out of this forest,

Out of this tangled mess.

Away from my demons,

Who haunt me at night.

I can see the light ahead,

A beacon of light shining bright.

A view of sand and ocean,

And better times ahead.



splendiferoushoney: by Martin at hipydeus

The past calls to you.

A past filled with balls and dancing.

Balls held at castles.

Dancing in the moonlight.

Close your eyes.

A carriage awaits you

to carry you to the ball.

A castle lit up by candles.

Footmen escort you.

Your name is trumpeted .

You glide down the staircase

in your new ball gown.

The music begins to play.

A handsome man walks over

with an extended hand.

He leads you onto the dance floor.

You dance and sway

to the beautiful music.

You close your eyes.

Yes it is a dream,

but keep your eyes closed

and dream on.



We trudge along in our hard lives.

Suffer through illnesses and deaths.

But we still carry on.


Why does this flower continue

to hold its head up high?


It hopes for warmer days ahead.

We hope for better times.

Hope keeps us alive and warm.

We must never give up on hope.