Shadows in the dark-2


There’s paradise in Oasis, Florida.
Sun-drenched beaches by day,
Moonlight beaches by night,
A paradise to be shared by all.
Come and enjoy the sleepy nights.
The cooling sea breezes that
Bring mysterious shadows.
Dark shadows that walk
The deserted streets of the town.
All is quiet.
All is dark.
Except for the footsteps.
“Who goes there?”
We ask behind our closed shutters.
No one answers.
Only footsteps.
Who will be alive come morning?




I’m excited to present our “SPOTLIGHT” Author, Robert Fear.

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What’s next for Robert Fear?

Well, before anything else, I will be concentrating on the opportunities offered by being in the ‘Author Spotlight’ for July at #RRBC (Rave Reviews Book Club). It is a huge privilege for me to be chosen and came as a real surprise as I only regard myself to be a part-time writer and editor. As I am in between contracts for my day job at the moment, this gives me more time to promote my writing and also concentrate on writing my next book.

The 2017 Travel Stories Competition (500-1000 words) will run until July 31st 2017. The winners will be chosen by an independent panel of judges and announced early in September. The 2017 Travel Highlights Competition (50-100 words) will then run from mid-September until mid-November, with winners being selected by a public vote in the last two weeks of November. I will then select the best stories and highlights from both competitions. These will be included in a 2018 Edition of the Travel Stories and Highlights book and should be released early in the New Year.

As a special offer to readers of this blog, I would like to offer you a free copy of the 2017 Edition of the Kindle version of Travel Stories and Highlights (normally $2.99) if you sign up to the Fred’s Blog Newsletter. Follow the link to sign up and I will send you regular updates on the competitions and news about upcoming releases.

I have started work on a new memoir but I am making slow progress. It is about the first time I left England on my own and spent the summer season of 1977 working and partying on the island of Ibiza in Spain. This is more difficult to write than when I self-published Fred’s Diary 1981. For this book I do not have a handwritten diary to fall back on. I do, however, have the letters that were written to me while I was there. These are helping me bring back memories and create a timeline of when things happened.

In the past I have been more of a diarist or a memoirist, as well as an editor and proof-reader, rather than an accomplished author. I am having to get my head round a completely new skill set and learn the art of creative writing.

This may be a risk at such an early stage of the new book, but I am including a small extract below of what I have written so far. Your feedback and constructive criticism would be welcome (please e-mail me at

The ferry edged its way from the berth and headed for the harbour entrance. In the early evening light the clouds lifted, and the sun appeared on the horizon for a few minutes. Through the descending gloom I could make out the famous white cliffs of Dover as we left the shores of England.

The seas were choppy, and the wind icy as we headed across the channel. I put on a jumper and buttoned up my denim jacket. Determined to stay on deck, I enjoyed the feel of the wind that blew against my face and through my hair. A surge of elation swept over me as I realised that my dream had come true.

I did not hear her approach as I had become absorbed in my own thoughts. It took a few seconds to realise she had spoken.

‘Hi, how are you doing, where are you heading?’

She was taller than me and several years older. Long blond hair wrapped itself around her shoulders and her pale blue eyes glistened as she looked at me.

I averted my gaze for a moment before smiling back,

‘Hi, sorry, I didn’t realise you were there. I’m travelling to Barcelona by coach and then getting a ferry across to Ibiza.’

‘What are you planning to do there?’

‘I’m hoping to work for the season in a place called Es Cana.’

‘Is this the first time you’ve worked abroad?’

‘Yes, I’ve just finished work at a bank in London. Where are you heading? Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.’

‘Everyone one calls me Micky, but my real name is Michelle. I’m off to Barcelona. We’re on the same bus. I saw you earlier on and thought, as you are on your own, you’d appreciate company. I’m an English teacher returning to the school where I work, after an Easter break back at home in Bristol.’

Micky edged closer as if to get extra protection against the biting wind.

‘And what’s your name?’

‘Most people I know call me Fred.’

‘Is that a nickname then?’

‘Yes, I got it at school and it’s stuck since then. My mates call me Fred though my real name is Robert.’

Her eyes widened,

‘You seem more like Fred than Robert.’

I smiled back,

‘How long have you worked in Barcelona?’

‘Just under a year. I finished Teacher Training College in 1976, not long after Franco died in November 1975. Spain was a country that had always interested me. When I saw an advertisement in the paper for a teaching position there, I jumped at the chance and applied straight away. After an interview in London I got the job.’

‘Are you enjoying it?’

‘On the whole, yes. Spain is changing fast after forty years of dictatorship, but people’s attitudes will take longer to change. Life for a female is still difficult. I am lucky they take care of me while at the school but things can be awkward outside sometimes.’

‘Do you ever regret doing it?’

‘No, not at all. Travel gives you a new outlook on life. You’ll discover that for yourself this summer. That is as long as you don’t weaken and I don’t think you will Fred.’

‘Thanks Micky, that’s nice of you.’

The loud sound of the ship’s siren broke the atmosphere for a moment. The ferry had arrived at the port of Calais.

Micky gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and winked at me,

‘I’ll see you back on the bus, take care.’

‘Yes, great to meet you, see you later.’

What a lovely surprise, I thought as I smoked a quick cigarette before my return to the coach.


Books published to date:

Fred’s Diary 1981

Travel Stories and Highlights

Exclusive Pedigree

Author Bio:

Born in Leicester, UK in 1955, Robert’s family moved to Surrey when he was 11. He was educated at Reigate Grammar School. After this he worked at a bank in London for several years before getting the travel bug. Fred, a nickname he got at school, stuck throughout his travels and has remained with him to this day. His travels took him to Ibiza for the summer of 1977, hitch-hiking around Europe in 1978 and the USA and Canada in 1979. During this time he also settled and worked in Germany. Fred’s Diary 1981 was written during the 158 days he spent travelling around Asia.

These days Robert is happily settled in Eastbourne, East Sussex where he lives with his wife and three cats. He works as a software consultant and has been able to combine work with some travel during the past fifteen years, having visited countries as far apart as Australia, Singapore, Ghana and Suriname.

Facebook – @fredsdiary1981

Twitter Handle – @fredsdiary1981

Website –


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book flames



To be or not to be a writer
has been the hardest question for me.
Should I continue with my pursuit,
or step away and claim defeat?
One book was written,
one book sold.
It dances around on Amazon and Nook.
It reaches new heights in its niche,
and then it slowly bows its head in silence.
The highs feel good and lofty,
While the lows feel depressing and sad.
Is it worth it?
Is it worth the aggravation?
I am told that a writer must keep writing.
More books to dance around.
More highs and lows.
Should I keep doing this?
Will I keep doing this?
Yes, for now
as I wait for the next high.



Hotter than hell is their playground.

Beneath layers of rocks and dirt.

They wait for their day of salvation.

When they can ride in the storm.

They grow impatient for the invasion.

The end of life as we know it.

I can hear their cries blowing in the wind.

The whispers brought forth from below.

It’s time for us to gather ammunition.

Before our poor town is nothing at all.




Presenting Tabatha Barret, Author

Tabitha Barret is an award winning paranormal romance writer from New Jersey. She graduated from Rutgers University, where she met her husband. She lives with her husband and two children. 


Check out the Author Spotlights she’s done for authors on her blog, “The Throne Room,” and on her website,


The Third Throne Series is a steamy Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance series about a woman who must find her Fallen Angels and fight epic battles against evil in order to fulfill her dark destiny of destroying the world.  Along the way, she will learn how to love again as she meets men from her past who are more than they appear to be.

Are you ready for the fourth book?

It’s here!


She has three new series currently being planned and written! 

“Ms. Barret writes with creative abandon, coloring outside the lines of the traditional supernatural with bold strokes and an incredible imagination…You guessed it, this is a brilliant gem with a fiery glow that needs to be read!”

-Tome Tender Book Blog
Stay up to date on the progress of the series by checking out the following sites:






I needed a quick pick-me-up today to encourage me to write. I noticed this on my book’s Amazon link and it gave me the needed push. Thank you again!


A Great Vampire Mystery Romance, March 27, 2014

By  Lee MacRae – See all my reviews This review is from: The Dead Game (Kindle Edition) Author Susanne Leist uses her words well and has written a story filled with the stuff that nightmares are made of. This isn’t your typical mystery that starts slow and builds. Instead, it starts with a bang and a creepy house, careens through twists and turns filled with surprise and suspense and keeps you guessing right to the end. Reclusive town residents, dangerous individuals, strange figures in hooded cloaks, romance along with strange buildings and happenings that make you think you’re on drugs…this story has it all. Highly recommended for those looking for a vampire mystery romance.




I was on way with my second book, developing my characters, setting up the story, introducing conflicts for them to overcome. Then the problems began. I started to read articles from popular authors’ sites, claiming to know the best way to set up a story and its characters.

I agree the midpoint should be placed at the middle of the book and be the pivotal spot for the plot, where characters are spun about on their axis by unexpected events or people. However, these authors lecture about specific spots where each plot point is to be introduced.  They outline the exact number of pressure points and where they should be placed. 

I began to dissect my book, bit by bit. I follow an outline of my own. Each chapter is created to be a full scene with a beginning, middle and end. My midpoint is the big reversal. I didn’t plan on pressure points but I have them; not at the exact percentage points as recommended by the articles but close. After the reversal, I have pressure spots planned leading to the ultimate climax. 

I did all of this instinctively, from reading books my whole life. There is a rhythm to writing like there is to music. It doesn’t have to be strictly set at one speed. It can flow at your own pace. Characters don’t have to direct opposites or heroes to your main character, they could play off your protagonist to elicit humor or bring out the story.

There are rules but not hard and fast ones like in math and science. I followed the rules in my past jobs in Finance. I love formulas where you can input your data and come up with the one correct answer. Writing is more creative. There is more than one way to tell a story and each person has a different story to tell.

The beginning of my book has been rewritten four times before I realized that my story has been following the rules of writing but at its own rhythm. My own pace. I’ve stopped reading these preachy articles about the best way to structure a book. Scenes, character arcs, plot points and acts still float around in my head, but once I began writing all of these details took care of themselves. The plot can reach the midpoint and reversal on its way to the climax without any calculations of percentages.

If you’ve read enough books, an author knows how the story should flow. You instinctively know how to introduce characters and how they should play off the main character. I’m off to the finish! I’ve cleared the midpoint and on my way to the climax! Don’t ever doubt yourself. Let your story evolve from inside of you.



A closed door.

It can open to many things.

It can lead to a garden of flowers.

It can also lead to unspeakable horrors.

What are you in the mood for?

Do you want pretty flowers, 

or do you want to explore the unknown?

The choice is yours.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist