Todd drove through the quiet town. No lights shone through any windows; even the street lights were off. Not a very good setting for tonight’s activities.
Linda continued with her earlier pretense of being annoyed with him and joined Shana in the back seat instead of up front next to him. He smiled at her through the rear view mirror, amused at her cute attempts to preserve her dignity.
Mike and David were waiting for them in front of their store with Shirley by their side. They were dressed in tuxedos while Shirley wore a short pink flouncy dress. They huddled together as protection from the heavy winds that blew leaves and dust around them. Todd opened the passenger’s door for Shirley.
Mike stepped off the curb and said, “We picked up Shirley at her store, since we didn’t want her to wait alone. The town is really eerie tonight: the weather started out warm with calm winds and then all of a sudden, the lights went out and the winds started to crazily pick up speed. The streets are deserted; no one seems to be around.”
He squeezed into the back seat with David and continued, “The stage is definitely being set for tonight: we have the deserted town, the lights going out, and the strong winds. All we now need is a haunted house and some demons, and then we’ll be all ready for tonight’s entertainment.”
Todd didn’t appreciate Mike’s theatrics. “The weather in this town is very unpredictable: it constantly changes from calm to stormy. But this doesn’t mean that something evil is afoot tonight.”
Shana giggled. “I like the word ‘afoot’—it gives a spooky aura to everything.” Todd was thankful that Shana was helping him to put everyone at ease. He was worried enough about this evening, and he didn’t need to worry about Mike upsetting everyone unnecessarily.
“Doesn’t Todd look adorable with his date, Shirley?” asked Shana.
“I didn’t know they were going out,” said David.
“Of course we aren’t going out, my dear boy,” said Shirley with a twinkle in her eye, “but I wouldn’t mind being Todd’s date for the evening.”
“It will be my pleasure, madam,” responded Todd.