They fly against the windows.

Trying to enter the Town Hall.

Our shelter from the storm.

They’ve found us.

Windows break.

Glass rains upon us.

The end has come.




The castle’s walls are thick.
Ready to withstand attack.
Ready to protect its own.
Are they strong enough to withstand evil?
Evil can seep in from
the most unexpected sources.
It can take on different forms.
It can disguise itself as love or mercy.
Evil knows no bounds,
for it will do anything to win.
You may strengthen your walls,
but evil always finds a way.


Off to the gingerbread house we go
On this fine fall day.
The country road yawns before us,
Pointing the way with pebbled arms.

Shana is laughing up a storm,
Similar to the one building around us.
Swirling gusts lead us by the hand
To a cottage made not by man.

The house floats in a dewy gauze of its own,
Shielded from any attacks or storms.
It glistens and shimmers in the fading light
As we draw closer to its unfailing might.

The front door opens at our approach,
An extended arm our only invitation.
I want to leave but Shana says,
“Linda, let’s see who lives inside.”

Before I could answer she walks in,
Leaving me alone in the dying day.
Pebbles unearth themselves in my direction
Until I’m forced to seek shelter from the storm.

An older couple wait for us inside,
Wearing clothes from days long gone.
They show us around their unusual home,
Where rooms are shrines to their grown children.

We are led to the attic to find a lone rocking chair,
Facing the forest and deserted country road.
The woman explains they are The Watchers,
Watching over the town for errant vampires.

My ears are ringing and my heart is pounding
As I listen to her words in disbelief.
She says there’s always a Watcher in the rocking chair
As the chair begins to rock on its own.

We flee the scene of our worst nightmare,
Determined never to return to this awful place.
We don’t know whether to believe her story,
But the chair did begin to rock in its place.

Our games have just begun.



Linda runs out from the Town Hall 
To find sunshine beating down on the sand. 
Birds are once again flying overhead.
Happy cries filling the blue sky.

The sun resumes its regal position.
The winds retreat as one,
Dragging their tails between their legs.
The palm trees stop their mad dance
To bend softly in the sea breeze.

“Are we finally safe?
The Dead must still be here,
Somewhere close.
I can still feel them.
But they won’t win.
They can’t!” 

Her friends walk down the steps of the battered Town Hall,
Climbing over fallen bricks and dead creatures.
No more cries of flying creatures.
Only the sounds of leaves shuffling in the breeze.

Linda is proud of her town and her friends.
With the help of The Watchers, human vampires,
And Father John, victory will soon be theirs.
Tears stream down her face.

They are safe.
This is all that matters to her.
Worrying about the future could wait for tomorrow.
Today is a day for thankfulness.
All is well.
All are safe.
The church bells gong in the distance.
Tomorrow will be a new day.



“I leave the storefronts behind,
With their pastel colors and shiny windows.
Windows eager to let in the famous Oasis sunlight.
I want to reach the beach.
I want to leave work and troubles behind me.
The sand will trickle through my toes.
The sea breeze will propel me forward
To the every-waiting, omniscient ocean.
The waves dance and writhe in their demented dance.
A dance growing wilder and wilder by the minute.
I feel their salty sweat on my face.
The trees join in,
Flapping their branches as if trying to hold hands.
The wind follows last with a rage of its own.
It torments the water and the trees
Until leaves are flying free
And waves are attacking the shore.
Why is this happening?
I should go back to town.
The town behind me is being plummeted.
Roof tops are flying through the air.
Glass crunches beneath my feet.
Windows hang broken and twisted.
The saddest sight is the church.
The once white church stands charcoal black
In the midst of its debris.
A day gone terribly wrong.
Whose fault is it?
The creatures who visit our town at night.
They are determined to destroy each and every one of us.
Are they demons or humans?
Who knows?
Oasis will never be safe unless these evil ones are annihilated.
We must save our town.
I have friends who will help me.
There are those who doubt our wisdom and abilities.
But we will clean out the riffraff from town.
Don’t get in our way or you might join the garbage.”
Linda turns to find her friends.
Our games have just begun.




The end is coming near.

The end we hold so dear.

Darkness will invade.

It will come in spade.

Time is our enemy.

Which we have aplenty.

The waves grow stronger.

The days become longer.

The sun hides its face.

No longer in its place.

The moon takes over.

Please take cover.

Nowhere to hide.

Is time on our side?

THE DEAD are here.

There’s much to fear.




A great paranormal thriller, January 19, 2015
By JNSee all my reviews

This review is from: The Dead Game (Kindle Edition)

A great paranormal thriller! This book started off with a bang and never slowed down.

Linda and her friends live in the strange town of Oasis where shadows haunt the dark streets, people disappear, and the rich inhabitants only come out at night. A mansion seems to be at the root of the eeriness, but as the story progresses we find out even some of her friends are part of the supernatural.

I thought the book was simply about a dangerous game that takes place in a sinister house, but it was much more. The characters are thrown into heart-pounding, perilous situations long after they escape End House and just when they think they’re safe another terrifying hurdle comes their way. Every page was filled with action, drama, paranormal scares, and a little romance. The writing was descriptive and catching, really taking you to the haunted town of Oasis. I would highly recommend.



The staircase abruptly fell through the ground<br /> and opened a tunnel below End House.<br /> The guests were thrown down the stairs.<br /> Linda lost her grip and began to free-fall<br /> through space.<br /> Creatures with long sharp fingers were<br /> trying to grab her.<br /> Their white elongated faces had their<br /> mouths wide open in silent cries.<br /> Linda kept falling until Todd yelled out,”Stop!”<br /> The creatures magically disappeared and the<br /> tunnel transformed back into a staircase.<br /> Linda was now certain that Todd was hiding<br /> secrets and his powers from her.<br /> She wouldn’t be able to trust him ever again.<br /> The Dead Game by Susanne Leist<br />

The staircase abruptly fell through the ground

and opened a tunnel below End House.

The guests were thrown down the stairs.

Linda lost her grip and began to free-fall

through space.

Creatures with long sharp fingers were

trying to grab her.

Their white elongated faces had their

mouths wide open in silent cries.

Linda kept falling until Todd yelled out,”Stop!”

The creatures magically disappeared and the

tunnel transformed back into a staircase.

Linda was now certain that Todd was hiding

secrets and his powers from her.

She wouldn’t be able to trust him ever again.

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist



We must take cover in the church.<br /> Evil is following us.<br /> The skies have opened up and<br /> have let out the creatures from hell.<br /> The most demented creatures with<br /> bat bodies and human faces.<br /> The windows are shattering!<br /> They’re entering the church!<br /> Where’s the priest and his<br /> famous spells?<br /> No one is safe from The Dead<br /> and their minions.<br /> THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist<br />

We must take cover in the church.

Evil is following us.

The skies have opened up and

have let out the creatures from hell.

The most demented creatures with

bat bodies and human faces.

The windows are shattering!

They’re entering the church!

Where’s the priest and his

famous spells?

No one is safe from The Dead

and their minions.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

THE DEAD are coming!<br /> The birds and animals can<br /> sense their evil presence.<br /> Time to flee.<br /> Take cover wherever you can.<br /> THE DEAD take no prisoners.<br /> THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist<br />

THE DEAD are coming!

The birds and animals can

sense their evil presence.

Time to flee.

Take cover wherever you can.

THE DEAD take no prisoners.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




Shana had a new idea. She wanted her friends to fight Wolf on their own, without waiting for Todd or the sheriff.


     At that moment, Shana, Linda, Mike, and David were sitting in the dark, secretly planning their own line of attack against Wolf. They had convened at Shana’s store, hoping that this location would make it more difficult for Todd and Sam to track them down.

     They sat around Shana’s table in the back room with the lights off and the front door securely locked. A small candle on the table provided the only light in the room. Shadows on the walls swayed back and forth with the motion of the candle’s flame. Each time the shadows moved, Shana jumped a little inside, recalling the dark figures that had stalked her in town.

     As she stared at the flickering shadows, she hoped and prayed that they would finally be able to rid their town of the menacing beings. Despite the fear racing through her icy veins, she said, “We must confront Wolf on our own! We must learn to protect ourselves without relying on others to deliver us from this evil!”

     “Wolf is much too powerful for us to fight against by ourselves!” David said.

     But Shana had formulated her own plan and was excited to offer it to the group. “We’ll go up against Wolf in his own house!”

     “Have you gone crazy?” cried out Mike.

     “No! Listen to me! We’ll make sure that Todd and Sam find out about this meeting before it happens: this way they can come to our aid.”

   “Oh! How romantic!” said Linda, “Knights in shining armor, valiantly coming to our rescue.”