Brush strokes of blue and gray

to fill in the puffy clouds.

Crayon swipes of teal and aquamarine

to meet the neverending horizon.

Each wave swell of purest white

rises from the depths of dark blue.

My fingers reach for the canvas.

My eyes travel to the brushes.

I shake my head.

No painting is needed.

No copy will diminish the essence 

of a perfect summer day at the shore.




A place of fantasy there must be,
where blues and green merge in the deep sea.

Clouds create formations into works of art,
resembling soft cotton balls splitting apart.

I raise my face to the sunshine of the day,
the rays shooting sparks as they frolic and play.

The sand is soft beneath my feet,
warming my body with its heat.

Come with me and enjoy the dazzling sun,
we’re sure to have fun till the day is done.






Nature leaves an artist’s imprint

on all that it reaches.

Waves of the ocean can appear

in the coldest reaches.

Nature’s colorful palette

extends from the sky to beaches.

We might try to copy nature’s soft stroke,

but we must listen to what it teaches.