I’m standing in a thick darkness.
Where I am
I don’t know.
Maybe in a dream.
Or in a nightmare.
Ahead I see two scenes.
Two choices.

I can follow the sounds of the surf
and join the man swimming in the ocean.
An ocean filled with strong waves.
I can smell the salty air
and hear the pounding waves.
Or I can follow the path of flowers
and walk through the colorful archways.
The sweet smell entices me,
drawing me in.

What to do?
Is one choice better than the other?
The ocean can be exciting but also dangerous.
The path of flowers could be pretty but boring.
What should I do?
What would you do?

If I don’t wake up soon,
I will have to make a choice.
I close my eyes.
I open them.
I’m still here.
I’ll go with the safe choice,
since I’m a no risk person.
I’ll leave the adventure to someone else.

The flowers smell so sweet.
The sun shines above.
I can hear birds again.
Will I see my white bird?
Oh yes.
There it is.
Flying above me.
Did I make the right choice?

Oh, look.
I’m back home.
Where I started from.
I guess I made the correct choice.
The correct choice for me.


Enter at your own risk

I seemed to have hit rock bottom.

I’ve reached the end of the tunnel.

But where am I?

The whole place is lit up.

Like a disco with strobe lights.

A bright light is shining

through a colorful archway.

Should I follow the light?

Is this the light that appears

during near death experiences?

Am I dying?

I can hear birds chirping.

Does heaven have birds?

I have no choice.

There’s no time like the present.

Time to follow the rainbow.

I hope they have Skittles.

Or at least a Yellow Brick Road.

I’m off to see the Wizard.

Tune in tomorrow.