WHERE THE WIND BLOWS The trees of the forest shiver and shake, their long limbs trembling for the next quake. Their bodies blaze a glaring white with tears frozen from their new plight. The world has become hard and cold. My trembling body feels...

The trees of the forest shiver and shake.

Their long limbs tremble from the next quake.

Thick bodies blaze a glaring white.

Tears freezing from their new plight. 

The world has become hard and cold.

My trembling body feels old.

Surrounded on four sides by white. 

The bright glare blinded my sight.

White is the color of my nightgown.

I stand and shiver with a frown.

A shadow emerges from the trees.

I hope it is not him, pretty please.

My body moves forward against my will.

I grab a thick tree and try to hold still.

I dig my feet into the packed snow.

But I must go where the wind might blow.

5 thoughts on “WHERE THE WIND BLOWS

    • Susanne Leist March 26, 2023 / 6:22 pm

      Thank you, Linnea. I consider my poetry writing a hobby. If I wanted to publish, I would have to educate myself about different poetry forms and rules. I’ve only tried Haiku. Since my poetry is more popular than my prose, I might consider it. You’ve given me food for thought. That reminds me, I’m getting hungry. Thanks!


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