cat eyes roses


Black as night.
Dark as death.
The evil one has come
For me this night.

His eyes shine in the dark.
He sees me and much more.
He walks the earth.
At night he’s the lore.

I cannot run.
I cannot hide.
He knows my secrets.
He knows where I hide.

The roses are wilting.
They crumble in despair.
No colors to lighten their mood.
Only black as they tear.

No footsteps hit the ground.
He walks with the wind.
His body whispers past me.
Chilly fingers brush my face.

He has me in his arms.
We take flight with the stars.
The man in the moon winks.
He takes delight in our games.

I close my eyes in defeat.
He has won yet again.
Cold lips crush mine
As I yield to his touch.



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