I’m surprised and honored to have a poem written for me by fellow poet, Kenny McPhee.  Most of my poetry is on the spooky side. I began writing poetry as a way to showcase my book. Soon I found I love to write poems. I’ve added nature and inspiration to my repertoire, but I’m basically a creepy poet.



You enjoy a walk on the dark side, susanne
if you take a train, it will be the ghost train
if you have a dream, it will make you scream
you like to shiver and feel the menace
of demons, ghouls and shady fellers
you’re into stephen king and james herbert
I bet you have a rat for a pet
and paranormal tendencies

Nobody true, they say, but once in a while
a poet can make the spine tingle
with the rightness of his or her words. 

May you enjoy the holy terror, my dear,
forever more!  


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