Plumbers and Gasfitters Employees’ Union Building, Melbourne, Graeme Gunn, 1968-71.



The street lights refuse to glow on this dark night,

adding to my increasing shivers and fright.

I should not have agreed to come here

in darkness crippling me with fear.


Through the lit window, I spot a figure.

The shadow moves closer and grows bigger.

My hand lifts to grasp the railing,

then both my arms are flailing.


A bullet has grazed my left shoulder,

leaving the pain behind to smolder.

My right-hand reaches across to staunch the blood

as I turn to flee before my tears can flood.


I zigzag through the deserted streets of the town,

all the while praying that no others are around.

Life of a spy is not an easy one,

like a roller coaster without the fun.


Straight ahead stands another figure.

He signals for me not to linger.

My partner opens the passenger door for me.

I am on my way to get out of this scot-free.


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