Red glows the sky.

I can see it

from way up high.


The water below

like a mirror I

can say hello.


The wind comes in.

I am chilled from

windows too thin. 



This is still my place,

I wouldn’t trade it

for any other place.




The wind whispers, ” Hello,”

to whom I don’t know.

I quicken my pace

to get out of this place.

Under the trees, I run

to a place in the sun.

I was at the beach,

within close reach.

But now I race in fear

that I’ll be found here.

“Take me out of here,”

I run fast in fear.

18 Swoon-Worthy Overwater Bungalows

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Who can resist the allure of an over-water bungalow? Everything about it spells romantic, off-the-grid seclusion, from the thatched roofs and wraparound terraces to outdoor showers and spellbinding views of the azure waters. We traveled to Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora and beyond in search of the best over-water bungalows. Here’s what we found.

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Four Seasons Bora Bora

To get to the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, a private yacht takes you across warm South Pacific waters to your very own over-water bungalow or beachfront villa. Once there, you’ll never have to leave the privacy of your thatched-roof retreat— you can request to have meals delivered by canoe, and decks mean that you’re only ever a stepladder’s distance away from the crystalline lagoon.

Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef Maldives Hembadhu, Maldives Beachfront Bedroom Family Hotels Resort Scenic views Villa property home sink swimming pool bathroom restaurant Suite tub Island

Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef, Maldives

This resort represents a younger, more affordable take on textbook tropical luxury, which translates into hip accommodations, a buzzy vibe and top-notch service. The 62…

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A touch of pink at night.

I do not need much light.

I bud in the dark.

My spot in the park.

Can you feel me touch your hair?

If you cannot, please come near.

I’ll sprout in the spring for you and me.

A prettier sight you will not see.


1 we open at sunset

“we open at sunset.”


Why open at sunset?

Why wait until your flowers are dried out 

from being in the sun all day?

Is the store an after work hobby?

In my mind’s eye, I can see the owner.

The sun is low in the deepening blue sky.

The young man pedals quickly on his bicycle

and parks below the red and white striped awning.

The dark-haired man rushes to his plants 

who lie before him wilting.

He grabs them and brings them inside.

I cross the street and peek into the window.

The man tends to the leaves with a fine mister,

then soaks their dirt with a yellow watering can.

He lines them up on the table beneath the window,

rearranging them by size from smallest to tallest.

Before my shocked eyes, the plants stand straighter.

The leaves spread out to hold each other’s hands.

The man steps back with a happy expression on his face.

Our eyes meet through the glass.

He holds my gaze before turning away.

He’s seen me.

His eyes seek mine.

I hold my breath.

A slow smile wings across his face,

dimpling his plump cheeks.

His hand waves for me to enter.

I pull open the glass door as the bell chimes.

The fragrant scent of flowers wafts to my nose

from the shelves of plants around the small room.

I stand beside the tall and handsome man.

Together we watch the plants as they stretch their stems

to the sun streaming through the window.

I whisper, “Why did you wait a whole day to water them?”

He faces me. “That is the way.”

I scrunch my nose as I glance up. “What way?”

He smiles, and his dimples reappear. “The way of the prior owner who told

me to water them only at sunset, and that I should never forget.”

I shrugged. “What would happen if you forgot?”

His stare takes on a faraway look. “These are special plants that must be

watered the same time every day or else they will die.”

“Amazing,” I murmur.

The setting sun lights the plants with an orange glow.

The sun retreats to its bed for the night.

The plants follow suit and drop hands, their leaves standing up straight.

“What happens now?” I ask.

He smiles. “They go to sleep.”


His dark blue gaze falls on me. “Would you like to accompany me 

to dinner this evening?”

My head pops up. “Will you explain more about the plants?”

His dimples deepen. “Of course. And we can share our names.”

I giggled. “That’s right. I don’t know yours.”

“But I know yours, Amy.”


He takes my arm and places it in the crook of his. “All will be explained.”

To be continued





Humanity has overgrown its boundaries.

Its reach has surpassed all expectations.

We are herded into buildings like cattle.

On subways, we are packed like sardines.


Mankind spreads to devour new areas,

To bring the world under its deadly reign.

Why not spoil the open spaces, we ask, 

until they resemble our version of hell?


The ocean bears our garbage and refuse,

While the horizon dims from the smog.

We puff on our cigars and cars

Until our sins are hidden by a smoke screen.


When will we say enough is enough?

It is time to replenish what we have taken.

It’s past time to rebuild and sow.

We must save the animals going extinct,

And feed our countrymen who live on the streets.


Will this happen in our lifetimes?

We know the answer to this question.

Unless something drastic is done,

we will continue on this path 

to our own destruction.




Anguish is my sole friend.

Tentacles wrap me close

with its wiry arms of despair.

The day holds no easement for my pain.

The sun shines too bright from its tall pedestal.

The night brings forth the proud moon

that rides the sky with its chariot of horses.

Its glow lights the hearts of the forgotten.

Its reflection soothes the troubled soul.

One more minute before I join the others.

The ones who search for the white reflection

in the cold depths below.


… the inner gauge is rising to its peak …


Anger raises its head

as I thrash in my bed.

The hot flush of pink is flowing.

To my brow, it isn’t slowing.


I remember his aqua eyes

as he retold his many lies.

I watched the grim line of his frown

as he turned my world upside down.


I won’t let him ruin my night.

I need him out of my sight.

No more meetings in the dark

beneath the elm in the park.


No more whispers as we walk.

I know the town loves to talk.

I say goodbye to my fickle love

as the moon bows its head above.