Alone can be refreshing,

A walk in the cold snow.

Lonely can be depressing,

A silence that hits you low.


Can we distinguish between the two,

As we listen to our heart’s song?

Our time alone is so rare and few,

Refreshing until it feels wrong.


At this moment I feel alive,

Alone but not lonely in my own place.

My dark spirit yearns to survive,

As I raise my happy face.

Happy Chanukah My Friend

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“Happy Hanukkah: Peace, success, security. Friends, fun and family. We hope the spirit of Hanukkah. Fills you with happiness and warmth. And may your season be filled with beautiful lights.”

Happy Hanukkah My Friend


Spin the dreidle light the lights
Ev’ryone stay home tonight
The story is told
The young and the old toge-ther

As twilight greets the setting sun
Light the candles one by one
Remember the past
Traditions that last Forev-er

Come let’s share the joy of Hanukkah
May our friendship grow
as the candles glow
Oh, won’t you
Come and share the joy of Hanukkah
And we’re hoping all
you’re wishing for comes true
Happy Hanukkah, my friend, from me to you!

Candle light or star above
Messages of peace and love
Their meaning is clear
We all were put here as broth-ers
So let’s begin with you and me
Let friendship shine eternally

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I’m lost,

Drowning in despair,

Falling deeper into sorrow.

I want to let go,

And sink to the bottom,

My head submerged.

With no fight left in me,

No will to go on,

The darkness will take me.

Into its arms,

I willingly go.

I’m ready to surrender

To the everlasting void.



Fill the pages of our lives
with words and stories.
Leave no blank pages.
Fill them with people and events.
Stories to tell our children.
Words to light our journeys.
We need to stand in the light.
Enjoy life to its fullest.
It is our right to fill in the pages.


ophidiansabbat Deactivated

Michail Satarov, Towards the Light.


The candle flickers.

It melts.

Dripping wax.

A pathway of heat

For The Dead to follow.

As they reach up

From hell below.

Rising stronger.