Tigers pace in their cages.

    Waiting to be set free.

    Roars fill the basement.

    Leashes jangle against bars.

    This cannot be happening.

    This cannot be so.

    No way are there tigers

    in the basement below.




    A swarm of bats.

    Circling our heads.

    Nowhere to run.

    Nowhere to hide.

    A cave in a house.

    How can that be?

    In Oasis, Florida,

    Anything can be.



  3. by ehsan-safavie


    He comes in the night.

    Ready for the fight.

    He’ll slay us alive.

    No one will survive.

    His eyes burn blood red.

    Gleaming in his head.

    He leads The Dead right to me.

    I won’t go on bended knee.

    The creatures will be here.

    Their footsteps are too near.

    I bow my head to pray.

    Let us live one more day.


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