It has a name.


Why do some of us 

strive for perfectionism?

Were we born with this,

or taught to behave this way?

It forces unattainable 

and unrealistic goals

upon us.

Once these goals aren’t reached,

we fall down far,

some into depression.

We should try to be our best,

our best within our capabilities,

and not some else’s version of perfect.

Our own attainable goals

will bring us contentment

and happiness.


5 comments on “Atelophobia

  1. Interesting; I’m one of these, yet have never heard this word before. Thank you Susanne for a new thing learned today 🙂


  2. What’s that phrase….’Trying to keep up with the Jones’s’ I think. Trying to keep up if you’re flagging behind causes much discontent. Much better not to be in a race in the first place!


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