Our imagination entices us.
It takes us to new places.
It fulfills our needs.
It defines us.

With our eyes closed,
We could explore the world.
Nothing to limit us.
Nothing to get in our way.

Oceans could be crossed.
Far away places visited.
Mountains climbed.
Passions enjoyed.

Doors to be opened.
Thresholds crossed.
Our minds have the capabilities.
So many possibilities.

A closed door stands before me.
Hiding its own secrets. 
I will not let it
Stop me or inhibit me.

I will cross its threshold 
With eyes wide open.
Ready to take on the day
And maybe even the night.

The door opens to flowers and sunshine.
Lounge chairs on the hot sand.
The sun shining on the ocean,
Revealing palettes of blues and greens.

A perfect paradise waits for me.
A bathing suit lies across a chair.
Time for a swim and a tan.
A beautiful escape.

Maybe a little too perfect?
The sea breeze becomes a little rougher.
The waves stand a little taller.
The palm trees whip around in the wind.

It is my fantasy.
Its direction is in my hands.
Storm or a peaceful, tropical day.
Some excitement is definitely needed.

Heavy winds approach Oasis’ shore.
I make a quick retreat to the hotel.
I join my friends at the bar 
As palm trees fly across the pool deck.

I will follow my imagination
To wherever it may lead.
I hope this story has a happy ending.
For me and the town of Oasis, Florida.


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