Time has stopped in mid-flight.

Clouds have ceased circling the earth.

The sun refuses to show its face

For time has come to an end.


The roar echoes through the land.

Lights flicker in erratic spurts.

The power reaches its hand down

To the silent earth below.


My heart feels hollow and empty.

Panic fills the empty spaces.

My love has come to an end

And so too has the world.


A battle rages between my lovers.

Built upon anger, passion, and deceit.

The winner takes all,

And soon even me.


Todd must win this battle.

His heat must melt the ice.

He must save us from the evil one,

Who holds us in the palm of his hand.


The earth shakes and trembles in despair.

A blanket of darkness descends in slow motion.

The battle rages on in its fury.

Clashes of swords echo its thunder.


All is black.

Darkness, my only friend.

No sound to direct me

To the battlefield of hell.





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