What lurks in your darkest mind?

If you open the door, what will you find?

Creak, Creak, Creak.

The door opens but closes right away.

We must go in.

We have but seconds.

Let’s go!

It’s dark in here.

I hear sniffles, grunts, shuffles.


It is a barn.


A bird just pulled on my hair.

More screeches. 

Feathers are flying.

Claws are reaching for us.

The door behind us is locked.

We could climb up to the hay loft.

We could escape through its window.

Come on, I’ll pull you up.

We made it.

Watch out! 

A bird is coming at us.

Oh no! It has taken my friend.

Here comes another one.

He’s strange looking.

A furry body with a man’s face.

Oh boy.




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