Surrealist Mural in San Juan, P.R.

Graffiti Lux and Murals

Humongous thank you’s to Maria from Tropical Flowering Zone for submitting this fab mural.

SurM #1 Photo © Maria Firpi

“Having multiple meanings, it could be about the past lives of  Spanish and African American Heritage influences on the island. If you notice the mural is signed by two figures from the past who according to the mural have died.

SurM #2 Photo © Maria Firpi

 “The mural is open to multiple interpretations but seems to emphasize on the colonial influences of the past. There is a white man sinking in the water, but there is also an African American man who is heading towards the water also. The  wooden branches tied together seem to represent part of the Spanish colonial vessels who traveled west to colonize the islands of the Caribbean and brought both the Spanish and African culture, symbolized by the multiple shells which can also suggest the presence of the Caribbean Taino Indians already inhabiting…

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