I see the men.

They are walking.

Through the cold forest.

Coming closer to my house.

Snow swirls around them.

Their feet crunch on the ice.

There are four of them.

Why are they here?

Four men of the night.

The window mists from my breath.

It fogs my view of them.

I must run.

I must hide.

There are four of them.




Take me into the jungle.

Across the bamboo bridge.

To where it’s hot and humid.

And exotic creatures come to life.

Branches hit me in the face.

Bugs bite my hands and legs.

Greenery attempts to bury me.

But this is the life I want to live.


Epiphanie © Etienne Cabran


It’s here.

Too near.

A mist of white.

A sigh of night.

Through the window.

“You friend or foe?”

A cold touch of ice.

Doesn’t feel too nice.

It now whispers away,

“You’re not welcome to stay.”

I’m leaving now.

I don’t care how.

Fingers wrap around my neck.

On my cheek I feel a peck.

Could that be a kiss?

Wasn’t hard to miss.

I’m chilled to the bone.

I’ve turned to cold stone.




It’s a long and beautiful road. 

Music can soothe the soul.

Life can takes its hard toll.

You need time to roam.

Far away from home.

Listen to the music of the road.

If I may be so open and bold.

Watch the bright colors unfold.

It can be gorgeous I’m told.



He comes in the night for me.

He is much too strong for me.

His beauty I can only see.

His evil is hidden from me.

I do not see his grotesque face.

Only his mask he puts in place.

Take me with you now in the night.

To me you’re a beautiful sight.

He lifts me high into the air.

And whisks me away to his lair.





The light grows too dim.

But I can see him.

He follows close behind.

But me he will not find.

I will hide in the tree.

He’ll think I’m out to sea.

The sun is setting.

Me he’s not getting.

He’ll snatch another mortal.

Before he returns to his portal.

To his hole in the ground.

That’s where he will be found.

With his kind he will play

Until dawn the new day.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist




Sparkle for me ocean so blue.

Shine for me so bright.

Your beauty is entrancing

and much too tempting.


I want to throw my body

into your long arms.

Let them wrap

around my cold body.


Pull me deeper

into your smooth depths.

No god to defeat us.

No demon to lure us apart.


I’m coming inside you now.

My body feels like ice.

Icicles hanging from my hair.

I’m numb from the cold.


Warm me.

Soothe me.

Hold me.

I’m dying a slow death.


I had trusted you with all my heart.

But my heart has stopped pumping.

I float alone in the cold water. 

No one to save me.


I am a fool to have trusted you.

I am a fool no longer.

I am nothing.


where is everyone? by travisanderson



What may the future hold?

Buildings of concrete and stone.

Travel by flying cars.

Trees of green foam.

Sunlight only a reflection.

Lighted sabers for protection.

A future hard to bear.

A future all too near.