Darkness brings a pall to the streets.
A dread that can be felt by all.
It follows me with soft footsteps.
Growing closer behind me with each step.

The stores are closed and shuttered.
Night has fallen too quickly this day.
Has everyone else gone to hide?
Leaving me to fend off the encroaching dusk.

I should have listened to my heart’s song.
Listened to reason and right from wrong.
I’m now trapped in this horror of despair.
Waiting for death to take me in his arms.

The shadows are growing larger.
Surrounding me from all sides.
There’s no where to run or hide.
I will stand strong against the tide.

He’s here.
I can feel him.
He’s come back for me.
No one is safe from his wrath.

The coldness wraps around me.
My hair drips icicles down my neck.
I shiver in dread of my future.
My future as queen of The Dead.


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