My favorite picture of my Maltese, Nounous.
He is waiting for my daughter
to come home from New York City.
The train whistles.
He searches for the train.
He waits impatiently by the car window.
The train pulls into the station. 
The doors pass by, one by one.
They are moving too fast for him 
to see his beloved friend.
The train stops.
The doors open.
He sees her.
He howls, 
pawing at the window.
He is still not sure.
He’s waiting for her to walk closer.
She stops beside the car window 
and shouts,”Nounous I’m home.”
He jumps up and down, 
woofing with joy.
She is home. 



  1. mihrank November 23, 2015 / 11:21 pm

    I am in another world reading your presentation!


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