bloody red

The battle between good and evil rages on.
The sky and water have turned blood red.
Red as wine flowing down the side of a cup.
Red as blood oozing from the a deep gash.

The Dead hold the world in their hands.
Our world of people, hope, and humanity.
Their world lies below civilization.
Below the depths of humanity.

They have to come to our shores.
They have come to Oasis, Florida.
To exert their claim over humanity.
To rule with a cold heart and an evil mind.

The Watchers and good vampires band together.
They must search and destroy the evil ones. 
They must find the leader hiding behind his disguise.
A disguise to fool some but not me.

Wolf cannot hide long in his protective shell.
His evil will come to the surface to show all.
He might be a charmer with women falling at his feet.
But I will not succumb to his charms a second time.

The sky shudders and bleeds its pain.
Thunder brings with it daggers of hail.
Lightning casts flashes of light upon the hidden.
Upon the dark shadows roaming the streets.

The wind calls my name, “Linda, come to me.”
It is soothing like a warm blanket on a winter’s night.
It holds promises of passion and endless love.
But I will hold strong and not weaken.






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