Do my eyes deceive me?
Can this be true?
A creature is stalking me
Through the dark streets of town.

Eyes black as night.
Cries as soft as the wind.
Sharp claws tapping a sad melody.
It draws closer to me still.

The mansion’s gates yawn open for me.
My feet leave tracks in the mud.
Handprints where I fall in my haste.
Salty tears on the rocks.

The mansion waits in its dark glory
For the innocent and weary.
It sheds its shell like a caterpillar,
But no butterfly does it become.

The creature gains ground.
Stalking in its feline way.
Whiskers in the wind,
Leading its way to me.

One last stumble for me.
My knees graze the rocks.
My fingers climb the steps,
Digging deep into the dirt.

I turn one last time.
The dark one stands up.
Becoming taller and straighter.
On two feet it stands tall.

Its yellow eyes glimmer black.
No whiskers to follow my scent.
White skin for black fur.
Laughter falls from its lips.

He has come for me one last time.
He walks on muscled legs.
Sure and strong is his gait.
For no more does he crawl.

“Come to me!” he says.
“No more games for us to play.”
His hand reaches for mine
As I wait for this game to end.

“I refuse to belong to you.”
My voice shakes in despair.
I will not be a follower
Of The Dead and long gone.

The house swallows me whole.
I am hidden inside its walls.
A maze of rooms for shelter.
Darkness to shield me from harm.



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