Tridax procumbens (Coat Buttons)

Botanical Journey from the South

I’m only covering the wildflowers most commonly seen in P.R.. However, this blog will continue to emphasize on ornamental plants after these few I’ve been posting.
Tridax procumbens

Tridax procumbens (Coat Buttons) Aka Romerillo, Tridax Daisy, Bakenbox, Cadillo, Chisaaca, Curagusano, Hierba de San Juan, or San Juan del monte, is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family. It is native to the tropical Americas but it has been introduced to tropical, subtropical, and mild temperate regions worldwide. It is best known as a widespread weed and invasive plant. Tridax procumbens belongs to the Asteraceae family, that to which the Sunflowers and Daisies belong to.

Tridax procumbens

The plant bears daisylike yellow-centered white or yellow flowers with three-toothed ray florets. Its fruit is a hard achene covered with stiff hairs and having a feathery, plumelike white pappus at one end. The pappus is the modified calyx, the part of an individual floret, that surrounds the base of…

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