Flickr Wednesday: Paul Boudreau

Art by Rob Goldstein

I asked Paul if he wanted to make a statement and he told me to use what he has in his profile:

Artist Unknown

“It carries a certain up-right deportment, wouldn’t you say?” They had sat down on a bench that faced the artwork. Vanessa studied the reflection in a glass partition, ten or so feet to the right. It was this ability to view the pieces from alternate perceptions that they loved when coming to this museum; well, that and the third floor utility closet.

Shem continuously ignited her ambivalence, blowing it to smithereenies and opening wide swaths of ‘territoire d’imagination’.

“Given the elasticity of the lines,” she turns frontwards and leaning over to her right, right up next to Shem, so as he can see it also, runs a pointed finger in the air; a kind of semi-arc, “neither there,” she swings…

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3 thoughts on “Flickr Wednesday: Paul Boudreau

      • robertmgoldstein September 25, 2015 / 4:39 pm

        Paul Boudreau is a brilliant photographer and digital artist. I’m glad to see his work getting the attention it deserves.


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