Brutal winds follow close on my heels,
Thunder and lightning joining the crusade.
Fluorescent lights paint the night sky,
Rings of orange, yellow, and red.

A vortex of horror in unending circles,
Making its way to the small town of Oasis,
Where I will be waiting with sword in hand,
Secure in the knowledge that Wolf won’t win.

The Watchers have joined the battle.
I can see them on the hill beyond.
Their raincoats flapping in the wind,
Concealing their hidden weapons.

We will protect Linda from the devil,
All standing strong in the fighting winds.
The Father clutches his bible of spells
To help cast the evil from our town.

Humans, vampires, and human vampires.
We have come together as one.
The last battle on this earthly planet
That will determine the fate of us all.

Linda holds on to her close friends,
Huddled together in the raging winds.
Will she choose wisely and correctly?
Will she choose me above The Dead?

The time has come for the showdown.
Time has slowed to a halt.
We raise our weapons above our heads,
Waiting for evil to make its final appearance.

Wolf seems to have been given a new body.
I still recognize his deadly soul.
A new package for an old one
Does not change the battle to be won.

Our games have just begun.


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