The trees of the forest tremble and shake,
Their long limbs drooping in defeat.
Their bodies turn white,
Dripping with frozen tears. 

Leaves will no longer rustle in the wind,
Their faces turning to the sun.
Darkness will be their only friend,
Bringing them no relief from the storm.

My world has turned hard and cold,
The brutal wind hitting my face.
I’m surrounded on all sides by white,
My bare feet sinking into the snow.

White covers the trees and grass.
White is the color of the forbidding sky.
White is the color of my nightgown
As I stand shivering in the night air.

My world has turned upside down
Since Wolf has walked into it.
He can’t take me against my will
Or can he?

A dark shadow appears between the trees.
A man with a long coat billowing in the wind.
A chilling laugh fills the space between us,
Slithering across the icy surface.

Its tentacles grab hold of me,
Forcing me to move forward.
I dig my feet into the coldness,
But I’m no match for what lies ahead.


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