What is reality?
And what is fantasy?
Should I run to the cold
Or go to the heat?
I shouldn’t have left the party.

Wolf stands under a tree.
His gaze leaves frosty trail-marks
On Linda’s shivering body.
The cold air holds her in its thrall.

“Come to me.”
Wolf walks forward,
Bringing cold summer nights with him,
Promises of snow-swept sunrises.
He stands frozen in place.

Her shoes dig into the icy cold grass,
Taking her closer to her destiny.
She can’t fight it any longer.
She has to give in to the night.

Wolf takes her into his arms.
“You are now mine,
My ice princess.”
His lips crush hers in a bruising kiss.

Hot flames burst around her.
Freezing rain washes them away.
Hot and cold feelings overwhelm her.
Each fighting for domination.

Am I ready for this?
Ready for the cold and the night?
Wolf’s black eyes lock into hers,
Assuring her,
Drawing her closer to him.

A snapped twig is followed by hot breath.
The ice melts off her.
Her heart pumps blood to her cold limbs.
She moves away from Wolf.

Todd’s arms envelope her with their warmth.
They encircle her with feelings of love.
“This is right.
This is my destiny.”
She smiles.

Wolf’s eyes turn hard and unrelenting.
He backs away from her.
“This battle is not finished”
Are his last words
Before he disappears into the night.


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