A door to your dreams,
And if you’re not careful,
It can lead to your downfall.

All you have to do is open it.
And then walk through.
Your imagination does the rest.

The villagers explain about the door
To their captive audience.
A captive audience surrounded
On all sides by strangers.

Linda backs away from the door.
She could feel eyes boring holes
Into the back of her head.
They have to leave this strange place.

Her friends stand as still as the cold air.
Eyes wide open in pale faces.
They can’t believe in such nonsense.
Can they?

A plain door sitting in a plain diner.
A little girl stands up and runs through the doorway
Into the lights and sounds of a carnival.
A clown hands the girl a balloon.

The village mayor turns to smile at them.
The girl returns with a red balloon
Trailing along behind her.
She runs into the mayor’s arms.

What game are they playing?
We should have escaped
When we had the chance.

Linda doesn’t like to play games.



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