“Oh it’s you again.”
Linda turns back around.
The door is gone.

Why is he following me?

Is he the one controlling the town?
He did control the stairs and the door
At End House.
Is he a vampire or even a human vampire?

Todd moves into the sunlight.

The rays brush red strokes through his black hair.

His black eyes glisten in the yellow haze.

Vampires can’t be in the sunlight,

Or can they?

“I can tell you’re happy to see me.

Why do you run from me?”

The rays follow him forward,

Clinging to his muscular body.

A small smile escapes his lips.

“Do you have special powers?

Besides the ones at End House.

You always seem to know when

Something bad is about to happen.”

The forest quiets.

A strong breeze ruffles his hair.

His broadening smile brings

Shivers down her spine.

A secret joke at her expense.


Come to me.”

Todd’s eyes twinkle and shine.

Can this be Todd?

He’s acting like…

He’s acting like Wolf.

Oh no! 


What if Linda met Todd in the forest?

Would she confront him?

Based upon the book.

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