A dark tunnel leading to nothingness.
Its entrance cleverly concealed
By our town.
Once entered,
There’s no going back.

A town,
Where time stands still,
Where time listens to no one.
Its will drives us on.

Where is the secret entrance?
Beyond which door?
Could be the door to End House.
Or maybe the door of the villagers.

A strange door the villagers have.
A door that opens to any fantasy.
Controlled by whom?
By the village sheriff.
But who really owns this door?

Questions race around Linda’s mind.
Round and round they go.
Should she search for the door?
Will it provide her answers?

Shadows cast by the trees
Tower over her.
The forest takes on a grim look.
Its features darkening and lengthening.

She should leave right now
While there’s still some light.
But she must find the door.
The door will answer all.

A twig snaps.
Leaves blow in a circle.
The circle tightens
And so does Linda’s throat.


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