The Dead Game has ended.
Has another one just begun?
Mysteries have been solved.
Villains sought and found.
But too many questions remain unanswered.

The sunshine calls to Linda
Like never before.
Tired of the dark,
She leaves the cave behind.

The day has lengthened.
Sunbathers now dot the beach.
Bodies glisten in the sun,
Innocently exposing their white limbs.

Who will be alive tomorrow?
Will red be added to the white?
Another dead body come morning light.
Innocent no longer.

The palm trees wave in the soft breeze.
Traitors in the moonlight,
Holding us captive in their grasp.
Minions of the high and mighty.

All traitors to the night.
The moonlight conceals their activities.
The winds attack their victims.
And the rains wash away all evidence.

If nature can’t fight The Dead,
Then how can I?
Will I be alive come morning?
Only time will tell.

That is, only if it wants to.


Stay tuned for further adventures.

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