merry go round

I open my eyes.

I find myself at a carnival.

A clown chases me into a tent.

Mirrors surround me.

My reflections stare back at me.

Is this real?

Or am I in a nightmare?

A nightmare of my own making?

I need to get back.

Back to End House.

The haunted house in the woods.

I’m in a dark room.

I can’t feel the walls.

The floor is wet.

A mirror is looming ahead.

I touch it.

My hand flows right through.

My body soon follows.

I’m in End House.

Or in a house resembling it.

Time to go down to the basement.

That’s where I was going.

Wasn’t I?

The basement is dark.

What happened to the light bulb?

The floor begins to turn.

I can’t get off.

Then I hear the laughter.

“I’m back.”


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