Why do we write?
Our minds want more.
We need to explore the world.
To explore the unknown. 

If we can’t fulfill our dreams in our daily lives,  
Then we can fulfill them in our writing.
Stories about love, evil creatures, and deadly games.

I’ve always wanted to live in a small town.  
So I created a small town in my book  
And called it, Oasis.

I love to read books.  
The main character moves to Oasis  
And opens a bookstore.

You get the idea.  
The main character, Linda,  
Is living my dream life.

My mind takes a dark turn.
Life is too good and care-free.  
Oasis needs a darker side.

The original residents live in a forest  
And only come out at night.
This is when the fun and games begin.

Do you see where this is going?
If not, you can always read my book.
I finally got my small town, 
Where fantasies come true,  
And some just don’t. 


2 thoughts on “WHY DO WE WRITE?

  1. agmoye July 24, 2015 / 7:13 pm

    Nice post. Well worth the time of stopping by.


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