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Creepy, creepy, scary.

This can become hairy.

The house is haunted and dark.

I came on a simple lark.

But now that I’m here,

I’m frozen with fear.

A party is to be held for us all,

But to evil creatures we might just fall.

Down to the basement we go,

This is silly even I know.

Saws are swinging up ahead,

Looking to chop off a head.

Traps are falling from the low ceiling.

My wet feet are losing all feeling.

We are standing in a pool.

And I feel like a big fool.

We should have gone when we had a chance.

The creatures will make us sing and dance.

The Dead have a morbid sense of humor;

Should have listened to every rumor.

Goodbye to one and all.

I see the bouncing ball.





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