Calming blue waters.
Soft white sand.
Reclining on the hammock.
Enjoying the sunshine.
The bright blue sky.
The quiet.
Until darkness descends upon us all.
The trade winds become violent and dangerous.
Our belongings are blown away.
Sand is flung into our faces.
We must leave and run inland.
Rooftops fly above our heads.
We make a mad dash to town.
The sun hides her face.
Lightning and thunder join the winds
And bombard the shoreline.
Where to hide?
The Town Hall.
Its front door is open,
Waiting for us.
The inside is dark and quiet.
What awaits us now?
Creatures are attacking the building.
Windows are shattering.
Bats fly into the building.
Big furry bats with human faces.
The gates of hell have opened and have
Released the most gruesome creatures.
One creature is lifting Shana by the hair.
We are all doomed.



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