I can hear the wind.
I do know the lore.
I open the gate.
I can hear no more.

Sounds become muffled.
They become distant.
The space is bleak
And indifferent.

The sky turns dark.
The grass is dead.
I want to flee.
I’m full of dread.

The birds are gone.
And I should now go.
The gate slams shut
Before I can go.

Should I go forward?
Or should I go back?
My plea is answered.
A push on my back.

The wind pushes me forward.
Not what I’ve been taught.
Where nothing is blooming.
And all is but naught.

The house stands before me.
In its utter disgrace.
Dark windows call to me.
Evil grins on their face.

I move forward in silence.
All ready to embrace.
Whatever hell has for me
In my utter disgrace.



2 thoughts on “THE DEAD GAME

    • Susanne Leist March 19, 2015 / 2:27 pm

      Thank you. It answers the question that a few of the reviewers of my book have asked as to why the characters went into a deserted house. To me, it’s curiosity overpowering our sense of fear.


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