elinka: Olari Ionut

The trees are alive.

They are moving.

They are surrounding me.

Touching me with

their skinny arms.

Throwing leaves

in my face.

They are now circling me.

Their arms reaching

up to the sky.

Closing off the light.

Blocking the sun.

Why is this happening?

What did I do to deserve this?


Stop touching me.

Stop pulling on me.

What’s that sound?

A high-pitched sound.


That’s my alarm clock.

5 thoughts on “INTO THE WOODS

  1. Susanne Leist December 24, 2014 / 8:13 pm

    She has a beautiful voice. She could sing her way out of a forest. Happy Holidays, Susanne


    • mihrank December 24, 2014 / 8:28 pm

      Susanne – Wish you good health and success!


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