splendiferoushoney: by Martin at hipydeus

The past calls to you.

A past filled with balls and dancing.

Balls held at castles.

Dancing in the moonlight.

Close your eyes.

A carriage awaits you

to carry you to the ball.

A castle lit up by candles.

Footmen escort you.

Your name is trumpeted .

You glide down the staircase

in your new ball gown.

The music begins to play.

A handsome man walks over

with an extended hand.

He leads you onto the dance floor.

You dance and sway

to the beautiful music.

You close your eyes.

Yes it is a dream,

but keep your eyes closed

and dream on.

3 thoughts on “KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED

  1. mihrank November 5, 2014 / 5:58 pm

    I wanted to ad my piano melody to this poem, they have strong words!


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