The hotel room is quiet.

The furniture looks shabby.

A dim light glows from a

small bed-side lamp.

The carpet is worn from

years of footsteps.

Then you hear a strange noise.

A high-pitched static sound.

A sound emanating from the old T.V. set.

The black and white screen appears to be on.

But you didn’t turn on the T.V.

when you entered the room.

A clown’s face appears on the screen.

He looks at you and says,

“Why are you here?

How dare you enter my room!

If you don’t leave right away,

I will just have to kill you.”

At first, you think this is silly

since he’s only an image on a screen.

But then his hand reaches out

through the screen.

His fingers have long red nails.

His body begins to emerge.

He’s here.

For you.

You are no longer alone.

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