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Shana and Linda couldn’t believe that some of their friends were vampires. How could they have been fooled all this time?

     Shana asked Todd, “Do you mean that Minnie, Frank, Hank, and Shirley were true vampires? They looked and acted like everyone else in town. When did they turn into vampires?”

     “Vampires don’t appear different on the outside from humans: what’s inside is what really matters. Humans and vampires could be good or bad—just like we’ve seen here. Each person has to choose his or her own path.

     “As for the answer to your second question,” continued Todd, “they must have been vampires for a number of years already. I’ve always suspected them of some kind of duplicity, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly what they’d been involved in.”

     Linda said, “When I questioned Minnie and Frank about the End House party, Minnie quietly tried to warn me that things weren’t always what they seemed. Maybe she was feeling guilty and was trying to warn me. I feel so bad that I didn’t listen to her. It must have been Frank who attempted to drown me; the swimmer had his size and shape. He looked angry every time I visited their store. Maybe Minnie didn’t even know the full extent of the evil lurking inside of him.”

     “It was Frank who tried to drown you. Minnie might have gotten herself involved in something that she couldn’t get out of,” said Todd.

     “We’ll never know.”

     “Maybe Minnie never transformed into an evil vampire like the others. She didn’t participate in the bonfire of Sam and Todd,” Shana said.

     “Then she died a hero, who was valiantly trying to warn me. I’m going to remember her like that,” Linda said.

     “Anything is possible. It’s very noble of you to believe in the good of people. That’s what makes you so special,” Todd said as he softly kissed her on the head.




5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely addicting!, July 29, 2014
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This review is from: The Dead Game (Kindle Edition)
Susanne Leist debut novel The Dead Game is a gripping, terror filled read from the opening! Linda moves to the small, quaint ocean front town Oasis located along Northern Florida’s coastline. She paints a picturesque scene reminding me of Neptune Beach or any beach further North, I’m a North Florida resident, with the exception of the hill but it’s a book and anything can happen and in this fabulous read it does. As breathtaking as Oasis is the town is full of evil. Protagonist Linda opens a small bookstore and makes friends with all the other young adults in town. There is a distinct separation between the young and the older residents who live on the hill and have creepy green windows. All the young townsfolk are invited to a party at End House, the ultra creepy house at the end of the hill. The spooky fun and games begin here.

The Dead Game is filled with nonstop surprises that kept my toes curled. When I thought they had solved and ended one dilemma another popped up. Deadly twists and turns wreak havoc on the residents of Oasis as supernatural creatures play horrifying games. Did I mention the vampires? I love supernatural reads and don’t want to read something that’s been done before. Susanne’s take on vampires is fresh and new but you’ll have to read to know. She takes the age old vampire legend and turns it into something I’ve never read before piquing my intrigue. I don’t believe in giving away spoilers but I will say this novel is left with a cliffhanger that has me hungering for a sequel.

Absolutely addicting!



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Welcome to Oasis, Florida.

A seaside town with white-sanded beaches,

lush greenery, and beautiful sunsets.

However, after the sun sets, dark shadows

appear on the streets and on the walkway along the beach.

Few dare to walk the streets alone at night.

The evil centers around the deserted End House,

which has a long history of disappearances and death.

It sits alone at the edge of a steep cliff, waiting for visitors.

A party is arranged at this house for the newer residents.

They are faced with frightening illusions, including: traps,

wild animals, swimming pools of blood, a room of worms.

They make it out alive but two of their own are trapped inside.

They find themselves embroiled in a deadly game with the

evil one controlling the town and everyone else.

This leader is the epitome of evil.

They don’t know if he’s a stranger or one of their own residents.

When he finally shows his face, they realize too late that they’re doomed.

How can they fight someone who is powerful enough to create

illusions as part of his evil game?

The residents will do their best to clean the town of the

deadly group even at a high cost to their own lives.

Linda and Shana won’t give up until the bitter end, even if

Todd and the sheriff refuse to help them.