Knocked from Wolf’s tight grasp, Linda hit her head hard on the floor. This effectively woke her from Wolf’s hypnotic trance. Confused and dazed, she looked around. Oh my God! Wolf was holding Todd’s head over the open tank of alligators. She couldn’t understand how he’d held her transfixed by his beauty, when now she could focus only on his sharp fangs, red glowing eyes, and the deranged look on his face. She would never be able to live with herself if Todd got himself killed because of her and Shana’s far-fetched plan.

From out of nowhere, Hayden appeared in front of the tank. Wolf glanced up, halting in his assault on Todd, and smiled. “Good! You have finally decided to show up, Hayden! Hurry and help me dump him into the tank! The alligators are starving!”

Hayden responded by lifting his hand ever so slightly. Wolf was raised up high in the air. Then he lowered his hand to drop him mercilessly into his own tank. Flicking his hand a third time, he triggered the glass to close over the tank while at the same time open the green-glassed dome to the bright sunlight.

Not protected by the green glass any longer, the light weakened and burned the trapped Wolf as he struggled with the deadly alligators. He died with a look of horror covering his face as he was devoured by his beloved pets. His last glance was for his beloved Linda, who was standing by the edge of the water, watching him lose his last tenuous hold on life.

She felt sad that it had to end this way, when Wolf seemed to have cared for her. She had hoped to sway him to their side, but now they would never know.

Todd rushed over to her, his eyes burning brightly, and said, “You’re never to risk your life again! Promise me that!” before pulling her into his arms.

Not wanting to promise anything, she said, “I thought Wolf was the strong one and Hayden was his weak servant.”

“I am no one’s servant, and never will I be one,” Hayden said, sending sharp glares like daggers at Linda.

“No. Of course not,” Todd said, “but your acting was so good that you had everyone completely fooled.”

“Nice save. But remember, I’m the strong one, and I decide which side I’m on.”

“Will you be on our side now?” Linda asked.

“I have always been on the side of humanity. I’ve only posed as Wolf’s supporter to keep a watchful eye on him and his cruel band of followers.”

Still stunned by the sight of Wolf’s fangs and glowing eyes, Linda began to wonder if all vampires transformed into monsters when they attacked. She asked, “Do all vampires’ appearances drastically change when they attack?”

Hayden said, “No, of course not. Only vampires who drink human blood reveal their fangs and their true selves as they devour humans. The evil inside them is fully exposed when they attack.”

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