Friday, June 6, 2014

Susanne Leist author of The Dead Game

Please welcome Susanne Leist another extraordinary author! She will be present at the Facebook event Dreams, Fantasies, Nightmares, and Visions June 18-22.


Elle: Tell a little about yourself.

Susanne: My name is Susanne Leist.  I have an M.B. A. in Finance. I’ve worked as a Financial and Budget Analyst. I love to analyze companies and spread sheets and find hidden mysteries. These mysteries I’ve written up in extensive reports. 
     My second career is as a writer. Since I enjoy murder mysteries and the supernatural, I decided to write a book that combines both genre. I hope my readers love my book as much as I do.

Elle: What can you tell us about The Dead Game?

Susanne: The Dead Game is a paranormal thriller/fantasy. It takes place in a small town, called Oasis, on the coast of Florida. During the day, this town is a paradise for its residents and abundant tourists with its picturesque streets, wide-sand beach, and warm waters. However, at night, the town turns dark and deadly. Dark shadows roam the streets. Tourists begin to disappear and bodies turn up dead on the beach. The evil in this town revolves around End House. The younger residents are invited to a mysterious party at the deserted house, and that’s when the fun and games begin.

Elle: Give an overview of the protagonist (s) and any quirks they may have?

Susanne: Linda is the protagonist and she’s my voice. She wants to live in a peaceful town and make friends. When she encounters dangers, she steps back and lets her best friend, Shana, make all the decisions. She has a crush on the antagonist, Todd. She’s too timid to actively pursue him. But she does learn to stand up to him.

Elle: What are some other works you have published?

Susanne:The Dead Game is the first book that I have written. The book resolves the murder mystery, but at the same time, opens a Pandora box of new mysteries. Its surprise ending will lead to more surprises and to a second book.

Elle: What items do you require while writing?

Susanne: The only thing I require is complete silence without any distractions. This is exactly how I studied in school. I give 100% of my attention to my writing.

Elle: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go??

Susanne: I would love to travel everywhere in the world. The only countries I’ve visited so far are Canada, England, and Israel. There are so many places I would love to see.  At least I could visit them in books.

Elle: Do you have a favorite author or book?

Susanne: My favorite author is Brad Meltzer. It’s fun and easy to read his books. His words flow smoothly and keep me engrossed in the stories. I like his characters. He weaves his extensive knowledge of Washington into the story lines.
     I buy a book by the description on the back cover and not by the author’s name. This has led me to explore books written by a wide variety of authors. I found Brad Meltzer by his book’s description before I heard about him as an author. 

Elle: Describe yourself in three words.

Susanne: Honest, sensitive, and caring.


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