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Linda noticed Shana, Mike, and David, whispering in a corner. She walked over to them. “Where did everyone vanish to?”
Mike said, “After the clock finished chiming, the hill people disappeared—one by one, up the staircase. They didn’t say goodbye or anything, but just left.”
Shana seemed to be excited about something. She had been waving her arms about during her whispered conversation with Mike and David. She had to be bursting with some new idea or scheme.
“It is finally show time!” Shana announced. “I’m not waiting any longer for Sam to include me in his secret meetings and plans. We must follow them up the stairs and discover what they are planning tonight.” She led them up the circular staircase.
As they climbed the stairs, they peered through the clear glass to watch the diminishing party below. Where is everyone?
The second floor was half the size of the main level. The back half was sectioned off behind a protective glass railing, with the railing running down the center of the house, dividing the floor into two equal halves. The front half was left wide open to the high ceiling, where the huge glass dome sparkled and glistened as it provided a green tinted window to the night sky.
After Linda turned from the banister, she was faced with three closed doors, standing side by side. She’d heard about the three doors in the basement of End House and prayed that elaborate traps didn’t also await them here.

2 thoughts on “THE DEAD GAME — DAY 134

    • Susanne Leist May 11, 2014 / 11:50 am

      I love this photographer’s pictures. They are so clear and vibrant.


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