What secrets are buried in Oasis, Florida? Who lives in the quaint gingerbread house and who are they watching?

Anna led them across the front room, which was furnished with antique couches and chairs. To the right, Linda stole a quick glimpse of the dining room with its beautiful crystal chandelier and large dining room set. On the left, she had already seen the quaint living room with its flowery curtains and ornate antique furniture.
They climbed the narrow staircase, which was set back behind the front desk. At the top, Linda looked around and was startled to find that the house was much larger inside than it had appeared from the outside. As they followed the long hallway, they were shown five bedrooms: each with its own unique color scheme and furniture. The first room on the right was done all in pink with white and gold furniture. Toys were scattered about the room with dolls lined up on the bed—as if the inhabitant was expected to return at any moment.
The room to the immediate left was decorated in blue, with boys’ dark furniture and toys. The next two bedrooms, on either side of the hallway, also displayed children’s furniture and belongings: one with green furnishings and the other one with purple. The last bedroom, straight ahead, belonged to Abe and Anna.
Linda was entranced by the rooms and all the furnishings. When Anna requested for them to visit the attic, Linda agreed. She hoped the attic was full of old clothes and items from the past.
They climbed a narrow staircase that descended from a trap door in the hall’s ceiling. They discovered the attic to be bare, except for the lone rocking chair that was facing the gravel road leading out of town. Linda walked over to gaze out the small triangular window, when the chair began to rock by itself.
Anna said, “Everyone in the family takes turns watching the supposedly deserted mansion down the dirt road, and End House at the edge of the dark mountain. Both spots can be clearly seen from this vantage point.”
Linda realized that this meant that someone was actually sitting in the chair—right at that moment— causing it to start rocking. She didn’t ask any more questions, but just grabbed Shana’s arm and pulled her out of the room, bidding the couple a hasty goodbye. She didn’t think that she could remain in this unnatural house one moment longer without either screaming or pulling her hair out. She was freaking out over the house and the strange story that she’d been just told.

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