Linda and her three friends were beginning to realize that their town was under someone’s control–someone with super-human strength. They didn’t believe in vampires or witches, but events were becoming unexplainable and leaning towards the supernatural.

“You can’t tell their parents about what really happened to them: no one is going to believe the true story. People don’t exit through disappearing doorways—never to be seen again. You could just tell them that they closed their shop and then left town together,” said Shana.
“Great! Now I have to lie to the poor people!” replied David.
“I’ll call them today to tell them that their sons have left town together…without informing anyone where they were going. I agree that this way will be better for everyone,” said Mike.
“I’m sure that this is the best way,” said Linda. “Meanwhile, we can attend this party and find out why the hill residents meet in secret at Diane’s house twice a year. The more we find out, the better chance we have of finding Tom and Edward. We can’t give up!
“Oh! By the way, we haven’t had a chance to tell you about our visit to the village. At the diner, some of the villagers had related to us two strange legends—that their families actually believe in. One legend claims that the people living on the hill are vampires. The villagers have also noticed dark figures lurking around town at the time of Diane’s parties.”
“There’s also a second legend being told by the villagers,” added Shana, putting on a scary voice to enhance the tale. “The hill people are depicted as good vampires, who are combating a group of bad vampires called The Dead—who kill people just for sport. To me, it sounds like what happened at End House.”
David spoke up. “That party made no sense whatsoever: it may have been executed by real vampires, who were trying to kill us. This is beginning to sound a lot like those vampire movies that I’m usually too terrified to watch. That would explain everything—even the creatures that tried to knock us off the cliff!”
“And don’t forget the hooded figures I saw circling Louise in the gazebo,” added Mike.
“A lot of weird things have happened that still don’t make any sense,” said Shana.
“But why were the upstairs rooms controlled by a computer system, while the illusions in the basement seemed to be have been under some kind of supernatural force?” asked Linda. She wanted to hear what they thought about this, knowing that this inconsistency had also puzzled the great know-it-all Todd.
“Maybe this evil being wanted to appear human and therefore, rigged the fancy computer system to confuse us,” said Shana, “or on the other hand, he could be human and only created a trick basement to make us think that a demon was in control.”
Linda nodded her head in agreement: that was exactly what she had told Todd.
“Well, it definitely worked: I’m so confused and frightened that I can’t think straight anymore,” said David.
“Like you ever thought clearly,” said Mike.
“Ha! Ha!”
“Since you guys seem back to normal…we’ll leave you now. Be ready at your store at 8:45 tonight. We’re also picking up Shirley—she offered to take us as her guests. Remember to wear tuxedos,” said Linda.
“I don’t own a tuxedo!” said David.
“I should have known. You can wear one of mine,” Mike said.
“Gee! Thanks! Yours will be much too short on me.”

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