Linda and Shana found a way to attend the private party on the hill. Now they had to convince Mike and David to join them.

     After they returned to the coffee shop, Shana perked up and said, “Let’s bring Mike and David with us to the party. Since we are now invited guests, we could bring along our own dates. They have a personal interest in solving the crimes at End House, since Tom and Edward are also their close friends.”

     “Okay.” Linda hesitated. “I guess that could work.”

     On their way over to the antique store next door, Shana asked, “Do you really believe Shirley is for real, or is her grandmother routine fake?”

     “I don’t know—we can’t write anyone off our list of suspects. We have to check out each person—even Todd and Sam. By the way, I liked the way you got Shirley to invite us to accompany her to the party.”

     “All in a day’s work.”


     Once inside the antique shop, Linda realized that something was wrong: the lights were off and David’s bright chatter was missing. They made their way through the rooms of antique furniture and through the small room devoted to modern art. At the back of the store, they found Mike and David sitting behind a huge antique desk with sad expressions mounted on their long, sorrowful faces.

     Shana wanted to cheer them up so she said, “Linda and I are invited to Diane’s big party tomorrow night and we would like you to be our dates!”

     “We’re not in the mood for a party—we’re upset about Tom and Edward. Where are they? Are they alive or dead? I’m afraid that we’ll never know. And what do I tell their parents, who have been calling and searching for their sons?” David asked them.

     “You can’t tell their parents about what really happened to them: no one is going to believe the true story. People don’t exit through disappearing doorways—never to be seen again. You could just tell them that they closed their shop and then left town together,” said Shana.

     “Great! Now I have to lie to the poor people!” replied David.

     “I’ll call them today to tell them that their sons have left town together…without informing anyone where they were going. I agree that this way will be better for everyone,” said Mike.

     “I’m sure that this is the best way,” said Linda. “Meanwhile, we can attend this party and find out why the hill residents meet in secret at Diane’s house twice a year. The more we find out, the better chance we have of finding Tom and Edward. We can’t give up!

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