Sam’s whole body trembled with relief; for a moment he feared that she’d been trying to kill herself. In the middle of the night, he heard her moving around the apartment, but didn’t realize right away that she left. When he checked her bedroom, he found her sheets rumpled and her bed empty. He panicked and raced out after her.

He ran like a madman through the dark streets. He wasn’t able to find her until he glanced up and noticed a white shadowy form balanced on the ledge of the church’s tower. He was stunned when he recognized the white indistinct shadow to be Shana in her snowy white nightgown. He called her name over and over again until she focused on him. It was if she’d been sleepwalking and just woke up.

He dashed up the tower stairs and found her clutching the side of the building, trying to keep herself from falling off the narrow ledge. He ran to her and pulled her into his arms. When she realized that she was safe, she began to sob. Between sobs, she explained to him that she hadn’t climbed up the tower willingly, since she was terrified of heights.

“Maybe you were sleepwalking?” said Sam. He carried her down the stairs, holding her close to his body to shield her from the cold wind. He couldn’t figure out why it was freezing cold tonight when there was usually a warm breeze blowing in from the ocean. But most of all, he couldn’t figure out why Shana—a reasonably sane woman—had climbed up to the top of the church’s tower to balance on its narrow ledge.

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